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Click here to learn how to build and create your Italian Charm Bracelet!

How to build and create your Italian Charm Bracelet!

What is a Modular Charm Bracelet?
An Italian Modular Charm Bracelet is a series of links creating a stretch style bracelet. Choose from charms and insert them into our 19 link starter bracelet, or combine separate charms to create your own one-of-a-kind personalized charm bracelet! Thousands of possibilities for anyone at anytime!

How many links should my bracelet be?
Measure your wrist and follow our chart below. Each charm link measures 10mm wide (approx. 7/16").

Petite=approx. 16 links or 6-1/4"
Small=approx. 17  links or 6-1/2"
Med.=approx  18 links or 7"
Large=approx  19 links or 7-1/4"
Ex. large=approx 20 links or 7-3/4"
Long = approx 21 links or 8"
Children:  approximately 13-15 links or between 5 and 5-3/4"

If purchasing a 19 link starter bracelet and charms to go with it, you will have leftover blank charms if you want your bracelet to stay around 19 or 20 links. This is great! Why? Well..the more charms you purchase to add, the more extra blank links you have. Soon enough you will have another bracelet! Great to stack or give as gifts! One 19 link starter bracelet and 7 charms creates 2 child size bracelets! One 19 link starter bracelet and 15 charms creates 2 adult size bracelets! Give the gift that keeps on giving ... literally!!

Changing & Adding Links:
Adding Links is as Easy as 1-2-3!

With the front of the bracelet facing you, stretch it out until the charm links are fully spread apart.
Removing a charm or link:
While holding the links fully spread apart, slide the link to be removed to the left until you can lift it out.
Adding a charm or link:
Spread a new link apart and insert it into the open link of the bracelet. Link the ends of the bracelet together by using this same method.

Helpful Tips:
a) Bracelet should be face up when removing or adding links.
b) Both the link being removed or added and the link next to it should be fully spread apart

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